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  • V7B_L-VAT Type
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Fitting Standard Nonstandard
Gate Size (mm) 80mm x 366mm 
Pressure Range 1.0xE-7 Pa to 1.2xE5 Pa(abs)
Helium Leak Rate External N/A
Internal < 1.0X E-10 Pa*㎥/sec
Feed Through N/A
Pneumatic Actuator Type Double Acting
Air Connection Speed controller (Meter-out type)
* Supply : Ø3.2 / one-touch type
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa
(Tolerance level : 0.45 ~ 0.6 MPa)
Air Less Lock Open N/A
Close N/A
Life Cycles Mechanism 3,000,000
O-Ring (Seal) 1,000,000
Lubrication 1,000,000
Temperature Actuator ≤ 60°C
Lubrication Mechanism PAO, PFPE Grease
Materials Body(Housing) AL6061
Gate(Blade)  AL6061 
Bonnet  AL6061
Seal Plate(Bonnet) AL6061
Shaft(stem)  STS316L
Gate Seal FKM
Pneumatic seal  FKM
Surface Treatment Body(Housing) PTFE Coating (< 50㎛)
Gate (Blade)  PTFE Coating (< 50㎛)
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