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  • V70-P_Standard Type(Double Cylinder)
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Fitting Standard Nonstandard 
Gate Size (mm)  35mm x 336mm 
Pressure Range 1.0xE-7 Pa to 0.12 MPa (abs)
Helium Leak Rate Housing  < 2.0 X E-8 Pa*㎥/sec
Seat (Gate)   < 2.0 X E-8 Pa*㎥/sec
Feed Through  Bellows
Pneumatic Actuator Type Double acting 
Air Connection OD Ø1/4 Push type (For high temperatures)
Air Pressure 0.5 MPa (Tolerance level : 0.45 ~ 0.6 MPa)
Air Less Lock Open Lock
Close Lock
Life Cycles Mechanism 3,000,000
Bellows 3,000,000
Temperature Gate(Seat) MAX. 150℃ 
Actuator MAX. 90℃ 
Lubrication Vacuum inside N/A
Mechanism PFPE Grease
Materials Valve housing(Body) AL6061
Gate(Seat) AL6061
Shaft(stem)  STS316L
Bellows AM350
Bellows end Piece STS316L
Gate Seal FFKM
Vacuum seal FKM
Pneumatic seal  FKM
Surface Treatment Valve housing(Body) Bare
Gate (Seat)  Anodizing
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