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  • Vacuum Valve
  • Strength
 Large portions of semiconductor front-end process and display process, development of new   materials and high performance materials, A situation in which work is required in a vacuum   environment and the use of vacuum is required in more and more areas as industry develops.
 As a key part of the components that make up the vacuum system, the vacuum level of each   process is maintained properly. The opening and closing performance is basic and can be achieved   by blocking the Goods in stock
 When closed, the valve shielding function must be fully required so that there is no gas leakage   inside the valve.
 Maintain maximum conductance in an open state.
 The valve must be free from oil and other contaminants, and gas penetration must be low.
  (Large impact on semiconductor and display manufacturing yield)
 There should be a performance of the pressure according to the pressure used.
 Repetitive life shall be guaranteed in accordance with the conditions of use for mass production   equipment.
 Thermal resistance and corrosion resistance must be maintained in various process environments.
 In particular, the world has recently seen rapid development of semiconductor and display   processes, and increased production volume. Highly clean conditions for durability, high tension and   high level wind are required, Only a few companies with product development capability A possible   situation
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