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Building a brighter future with the world best high vacuum technologies.

The engineering staff of Presys, Inc. has been incessantly conducted researches
based on the core basic technology that is required in the high-tech semiconductor
and FPD industry.

With a sense of mission as “Need Company” the staff has been creating a new concept
based on high-degree vacuum system and green growth technology in order to meet
New Millennium customers’expectations.

With this base technology, our company developed and produced the new concept
of product processing technology to become a company that fits well to the country’s
title of “the world’s best semiconductor device and FPD production.

Also, we are doing our best efforts to expand the new growth engine industry.
We promise to assemble our accumulated Know-How and Innovative Venture
spirit in order to provide satisfactory customer support and to invest consistently
on R&D until our company develops into one that holds the world’ best technology and
realizes the next generation World Best.

I would like to return thanks to our customers and affiliated
companies and ask for further support.
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